Terms and Conditions





The fee displayed on the website is the fee you will be charged at the time of booking.  By proceeding with a booking you are accepting the fee quoted.  Any FREE or SPECIAL offers cannot be replaced with discounted fees.




You will receive an email with your full course booking details, including a copy of this brochure.  Please download these details and retain the email until your course.



Details for pre-course question booklets:


Module A Bookings:

Question & Answer Booklets will given to you on arrival at Module A.

Module B Bookings:

Question & Answer Booklets will be given to you on arrival at Module B.

Module C Bookings:

There is no pre-course material for Module C.


A writing pad and pen will also be provided at each weekend.




There is a charge of £30 for lost or forgotten question books.




Cancellation of any course must be in writing and must be directed to Medibyte Academy Ltd.


Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable for Medibyte Academy courses in the last 14 days before each course weekend.  Earlier cancellations invalidate all free and special offers provided by Medibyte Academy Ltd, and attract a £50 administration fee for each module and removal of access to FREE online questions, if provided.